Sunday, January 18, 2009

Freezing cold!

Hi everyone,

Well, I surely will never get any prizes for being a champion blogger! Too busyw ith other stuff I guess, but enjoy it when I get here. I am heading off on an adventure this morning..down to see my sister in Toronto for 5 days! Yee-HA! If I have to live up here, then the best thing I can do is to get down for a visit as often as possible, and seeing as Peter bought a new van a couple of weeks ago, that frees up the other car for me to hit the highway! I love to drive and enjoy seeing the scenery pass by. But the most exciting thing is that we are going to have 5 days of rug hooking, penny rugging, embroidery, drinking coffee, snowshoeing and just visiting as sisters! We both have new projects we are working on, and we also hope to get in a day of dyeing wool...I am going to try now and get some new pictures up as well, thanks for checking back now and again, I will try and be more diligent about getting posts on here. I actaully have a follower from the UK! Vanessa is a fellow felter and I am hoping to meet her when Peter and I go to England in the fall..she runs a B&B not far from where Peter's family is in Cornwall...the world is such a small place these days eh? Warm hugs, Debbe


Guess I need some lessons on blogging!! I posted a message to a friend abouther blog, but it ended up on mine!...back to teh manual,lol! Hugs,Debbe

Welcome to the blogging world!

Hi Sonya!!

How wonderful to see your blog! You are amazing! School, family, everything, and still you found time for this-good for you! How is school going? Things are o.k. here, I am leaving today for Toronto for 5 days of crafting,hooking,penny rugging,etc. with my sister!

If I have to live here, at least I can go visit as often as I can. Peter bought a new van, so now we have two cars and I feel less badly about taking the only car and going for 5 days,lol! Has it been cold enough for you??! This is crazy!

Well, congrats again on teh blog..I will check in from time to time...Warm hugs,Debbe