Thursday, November 6, 2008

Well, I guess part of being a 'blogger' is updating it, so here goes! I thought I would occasionally post some of my favourite hooked pieces, and hope that you will send some of your own to attach here.

The first one is a selection of the mini rugs I used to make for my dollhouses, the second is my "Melodie" basket lid, based on a pattern from Melodie Fairburn called "Lollipop Flowers" and the lastter is one of my favourite rugs...I hooked it when I came back to Canada in '02..I just love the colours, plus there is a teeny one of it as well!

So I hope you enjoy these, and when I get home from hooking tonight, I thought I would compile a list of some interesting hooking and felting sites which I have come across, hopefully there will be some new ones in there which you haven't come across!

Warm regards,

Favourite Hookings

Saturday, November 1, 2008

An Amazing Weekend With Friends!

It all started when my sister called and said that a friend of hers was talking about hosting a hooking retreat at her lovely farm get-away north of Toronto. But, she wasn't sure if enough people would be available to come( silly girl!), so my sis said, "well, I'll ask Debbe."(that would be me.)

So, fast forward a few weeks and lo and behold, 6 of us descend on Jane's Farm and begin unloading tons of food, bottles of wine, hooking frames, books, magazines, hiking boots and various baskets of wool for knitting, rug hooking, needle felting, you name it, we had it!

Anyway, we had the most fabulous three days, doing everything from the aforementioned handwork, to antiquing in Shelburne, hiking in the acres behind Jane's gorgeous spot, watching the deer and the bunnies and the birds, watching DVD's, drinking wine, making incredible art trading cards...all this while staying(largely) in our pj's!

So thanks to Jane, Elaine, Wanda, Karen, Bonnie, & Marion for a retreat to to follow...