Monday, June 29, 2009

Felting workshop!

Oh good grief Debbe! Could you find a hobby and stick with it??!! Well, actually, no I can't! lol! I LOVE fibres!! And since I have discovered felting I have just fallen in love with, fast forward, "get to the point Debbe"( as my 'ex' used to say...hmmm, maybe that is why he is my 'ex',lol!) sister Elaine told me about this GORGEOUS scarf she saw at Neilson Park in Etobicoke, sort of airy and feathery and light as a feather and FELTED! So, now I was on a mission to find out how to make this wonderful creature...I "Googled" nuno felting courses and came up with Dreamspin Fibres in Campbellford, just outside Peterborough where I used to off I go.

What a great class!! Great teacher, great facility...Maureen was terrific, very giving and sharing of her time, expertise and now I can Nuno felt, and here are some snaps of the scarf I made, and the autumnal piece is a sample which we made first to get the 'feel' of things...think I will make it into a journal cover...
I am going to think about not buying ANY Christmas gifts this year and just making them all, well, it sounds good in theory anyway...and after buying our new home, I may not be able to AFFORD to buy gifts, lol, but just being in Coldwater is going to be my gift...I am so excited...but check out site!
Enjoy...Warm hugs, Debbe

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Doris said...

Debbe - what a wonderful scarf - should make great Christmas gifts.
Don't stop hooking - there's nothing to compare with a hooked rug!!!