Monday, June 15, 2009

We have a new home

Well, I am ashamed at how long it has been since I have added to this blog, but the GREAT news is that we have a NEW HOME! It is a teeny town called Coldwater, Ontario and I just adore it! There is a lovely knitting shop, antiques shop, tea room, library, post office, grocery store and that is about it! I can walk to anywhere in town and after being in a very isolated area for 4.5 years, I was just about going out of my mind! My 'hunny' listened to me when I started making noises about moving, and although he has been here for over 40 years, he was willing to "up sticks and move"! What a guy! The house has plenty of room for guests, has a rug hooking room, and a large front porch which is covered and where I can sit and knit and hook and make penny rugs and listen to music and watch the world go by! It is close to the Coldwater River, where we can toss in our kayaks and go down the river out to a huge bay, called Georgian Bay which is stunning. It is close to my sister in Toronto( 90 minutes) and just everything I need is within 15 now, I will be able to garden(too many blackflies here-UGH!), to walk and x-country ski, to kayak and to sit outside...all of this makes my heart sing! So, to those of you who have heard me moan and groan for the past year, I will now shut up and start packing!! Warm hugs to you all, Debbe

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Michael House said...

wow, sounds fantastic! great you are back blogging!