Monday, June 15, 2009

Weddings Everywhere

Oh, geez, here I am going on and on about the new house, and I forgot to mention that both my son, Matthew, and Peter's daughter,Brittany, were married in April and May respectively! My Matthew married Lauren and Brittany married Nathan and both weddings were lovely and special and made both Peter and I realize how quickly time is going by...I will get some photos on here soon...thanks for reading...Debbe


Wendie Scott Davis said...

Such fun to visit here - you write like you talk - definitely need to post more pics.

Can't wait to see the new house, etc.

welcome to blogdom.



Debbe said...

Hey Wendie,

So many people say that about me, that I write like I talk...I am working on a book about rug hooking,I hope people can follow the way I jump around,lol!

You are so right, I need to get more photos on here, especially the one of the wedding rug I did for my son, it came out great!
One other thing I realize about my writing, ever they ever take away the !!! on the keyboard, I will be in trouble!

Warm hugs,Debbe

Nancye said...

Hi Deb, I just tried to sign in to follow your blog, but per usual, my password was not accepted. I have this problem all of the time!! Bummer. Anyway, I enjoyed seeing your updates and will try to come back fairly often. We do share some interests even if Hooking is not the main one for me!! Tons of love,